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United Arab Emirates
Ayyy, welcome to my DA page//

Name's Mshaly and I hate writing these bio thingies.

I'm an okay-ish artist, but my drawing pace is super slow. So, it's not all that surprising that there's not much in my gallery compared to other people;;

:bulletblue: I do art trades, if I'm not too busy //Just ask first!

:bulletblue: I accept requests, but only of sketchy headshots //Anything more than that, and I can't guarantee that I'll be able to do it;; At least not in a reasonable amount of time

:bulletblue: If you're a friend, I'm more likely to accept any type of request!

===Other places you can find me===

:bulletred: Snapchat: Ask me 'bout it! ((Probs the best way to keep in-touch w/ me, if you want. Also, probs really easy to guess what my username is, but you gtt tell me who you is first or I won't add you;; ))

:bulletred: Tumblr: ((Tumblr blog where I reblog tons of memes and gay dorks, probably.))

:bulletred: Twitter: ((I ramble about shit that no one cares about. Maybe post a sketch every now and then.))

:bulletred: Instagram: ((I'll most likely submit traditional sketches/doodles done in class on there.))


Today was the first day of Ramadan! <3 Hope you have a great Ramadan if you celebrate it, or just a lovely month if you don't <:

Today was also my last End of Year exam! Also, my last day of high school, ever //yeeee //?????

Idk, it still feels surreal to me, like the fact that I don't have school tmrw is??? and the fact that I won't be goin back to the school next year is??? Uh, what do I do now? lmao, it's weird. my desk, hell my whole room, is still filled with mountains of notes and books and school stuff, and I'm just starin at them like??? can I get rid of them now??? i want to but also the hoarder in me feels anxious at the thought of losing 2 years worth of AP notes uh //Speakin of APs, the results for those are gnn come in JULY, so thats great for my anxiety :^)))

aaaaa, w/e, i'm finally done with high school. I can finally get some decent sleep :'^) //s'all uphill from here!
Loretta (Art Trade) by mshaly
Loretta (Art Trade)
I probably took too long on this, sorry! :'^)

My part of an art trade w/ SephySnu //her chibs are way cuter, lmao go check her out

Loretta owned by SephySnu 
My first end of year exam is startin Sunday :^)) then after a week and a half, I'll be done. FOR GOOD.

lmao, i'unno :^) i feel like i should be relieved to be done with high school, but goin to uni sounds :^))))) //internal screaming //idek what i want to major yet, and there's no 'undecided' option where i live, fuck me :^)
I got my laptop back yesterday, spent a lot of time trying to recover all that i can //since the data recovery didnt work;;

I've got all my apps and general school documents backed up, but I lost a lot of artwork from friends (that I may or may not be able to recover from them, considering some have the habit of fckn deleting their art :^))))))) ), and a lot of rp logs (that i, again, may or may not be able to recover from friends;; ) //theres a buncha other stuff i lost, like my writing, a few movies, and stuff but blehbleh

I've been very demotivated since wednesday bc of this, but thankfully I think I'm over it now :^) //still really hopi n i get those rp log s

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