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United Arab Emirates
Ayyy, welcome to my DA page//

Name's Mshaly and I hate writing these bio thingies.

I'm an okay-ish artist, but my drawing pace is super slow. So, it's not all that surprising that there's not much in my gallery compared to other people;;

:bulletblue: I accept requests, but only of sketchy headshots //Anything more than that, and I can't guarantee that I'll be able to do it;; At least not in a reasonable amount of time

:bulletblue: If you're a friend, I'm more likely to accept any type of request!

===Other places you can find me===

:bulletred: Snapchat: Ask me 'bout it! ((Probs the best way to keep in-touch w/ me, if you want. Also, probs really easy to guess what my username is, but you gtt tell me who you is first or I won't add you;; ))

:bulletred: Tumblr: ((Tumblr blog where I reblog tons of memes and gay dorks, probably.))

:bulletred: Twitter: ((I ramble about shit that no one cares about. Maybe post a sketch every now and then.))

:bulletred: Instagram: ((I'll most likely submit traditional sketches/doodles done in class on there.))


Cry-lo Ben (Art Trade) by mshaly
Cry-lo Ben (Art Trade)
bleepbloop, here's my part of an art trade with Rebellic //the urge to draw matt the technician instead was too strong, but i overcame i t

aaa, I am especially bad at drawing real-life people in my "art style" or w/e?? at leasT i trIED??? hOEP you like it???????? //he doesn't look angsty enough

//haven't properly drawn anything in like a month or two, so getting in the groove of things again was a bit hard, but I think I'm back now :^)) //maybe /ops
lmao, i thought school starting would make me want to procrastinate and do "fun productive" stuff (drawing, writing, etc) //instead I keep getting waves of depression and I don't feel like doing /anything/ //it's barely been one week, lmao, this is a gr eat sign
  • Mood: Egghead
aaaa where did i go

is it too late to wish everyone a happy new year? *it's well over a week into 2016* yes, yes it is. ops;; //i should really start announcing when i go on hiatuses. problem is i can never tell when i'm going to be on hiatus??? it just sort of happens??

welp this year isn't quite off to a good start :^) //I've been mostly ignoring DA and other social media for the past week or so, because idk. There's something about holidays that just makes me incredibly lazy to do the things I enjoy doing (I hate making it sound like "it's out of my hands", but it really does feel like that;; ). I haven't even doodled anything until recently when my little sister practically forced me to sit down and draw with her, lmao. //So, yeah, that's where I've been. Being a social-network hermit and spending time with my family (read: easiest social interaction targets) and/or being a useless shit playing video games //and also cleaning my room. holy shit, sooo much cleaning.

Anyway! Today's the last day of the holiday, and I'm really not looking foreword to school;; but, at the same time, end of holiday = end of my lazy routine = probably me being on here and doing stuff more often out of procrastination! yay!(?)

For my rp buds!! //I'm super sorry for my tardiness;; I'll respond to everyone soon as I can, but if you'd like to stop rping with me, that's totally understandable, no hard feelings <: //and if it's been well over a week since I've responded and I don't respond soon, then maybe I forgot to send my response;; sometimes I'm under the impression that I've written and sent something, when I haven't and I think /I'm/ the one waiting for a response;; and I have way too many notes to sift through at this point;; sorry; //basically, just tell me if I haven't sent my part of the rp if you still want to rp! If not, totally fine, I won't stop following you or anything, still a fan of all of your art and stuff :^))) (I know that sounds impersonal, but holy shit do I mean it when I say all of you are talented as fuck)

Speaking of "art and stuff", not being on here for a week means tons! of! deviations! and journals! to go through!!!! And yes I will be going through all of them! If you notice a fave-spam, do not be alarmed, lmao

TL;DR: I've haven't been on here because I've been a lazy shit pretending to be busy with life. School's starting tomorrow, so expect me to be more active as a result of procrastination! I will try to respond to all rps asap, and preferably resend your last response because I might be unaware of the fact that I haven't responded;; but if you'd like to stop rping that's fine, you're still a chill person and I still totally dig your art :^) //also I cleaned my room. that is very important and I deserve recognition for it.
UPDATE: IM FREEE //i've also got a new game! Tri Force Hereos!! //just started playing it and its so fun omg

Tomorrow is the last day of my exams!!! 3-WEEK HOLIDAY HERE I COM E!!! //Tomorrow's exam is not too hard, so I can sort of relax today <: //trying not to think about how badly I fucked up math ~u~;;

aaa, it's been a while since I've had the time to play video games ~u~ I haven't got that many online multiplayer games, but I really love playing the ones I do!! So, if anyone has these consoles + games, I'd love to play with you guys!! <:

3DS (FC: 2938 - 8161 - 6869)
  *Super Smash Bros. (I'm super obsessed with this game, seriously)
  *Animal Crossing (Haven't played this in months, literally the only reason I'd open this is to play w/ someone else lmao)
  *Tri Force Heroes

WiiU (NintendoID: Mshaly)
  *Super Smash Bros. (have I mentioned how much I love this game)

Ps3 (ID: Mshaly9)
  *Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution (GOD THAT IS A MOUTHFUL //as much as I love this game, I hate that there are a million versions of it on the same goddaMn console //cant even play w/ my friends //cries)
  *LittleBigPlanet 2 + 3
  *Minecraft (I don't really play this, but I have it because of my siblings, so eh, why not)

  *osu! (Username: Mshaly)
  *Hearthstone (BattleID: Mshaly#2407)

If you've got a multiplayer game that I don't have, then suggest it and I'll see if I can buy it this coming holiday <: If it's a free PC game, even better! //tho mostly wann a play super smash bros //rolls away

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