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United Arab Emirates
Ayyy, welcome to my DA page//

Name's Mshaly and I hate writing these bio thingies.

I was super active like 3 years ago, and I've been gone for most of 2014-2015 ((I blame highschool)), but hey, I'm trying to be active again!

I'm an okay-ish artist, but my drawing pace is super slow. So, it's not all that surprising that there's not much in my gallery compared to other people;;

===Other places you can find me===

:bulletred: Tumblr: ((My art blog of which is still being filled up with shit. I take requests over there.))

:bulletred: Twitter: ((I ramble about a lot of shit that no one cares about. Maybe post a sketch every now and then.))

:bulletred: Instagram: ((I don't use it much anymore, but there are some sketches on there. I might post a thing or two occasionally idk))

:bulletred: ((I only ever use it to follow people))


It me by mshaly
It me
lmao at my previous IDs

So, yeah, decided it was 'bout time I got a new ID //idk
Riley Frail by mshaly
Riley Frail
Found a little free-time to do stuff asi de from school and, miraculously, also had a little motivation to do said other stuff, so I decided to go back and color this sketch

Haven't colored anything in months, jee z //I need more p ractice;;
HappMichael by mshaly
Michael is one of my oldest and dearest charas// and though I haven't drawn him that often, a friend of mine pointed out that I've never drawn him smiling and I was like??? Nah, no way, I totally did...

Nothing. I haven't drawn him happy a single time. That wa s unacceptabl e and had to be correcte d.

So, yeah, HappMicheal!! a lot sketchier than usual but yeah!
I'm running out of old drawings to post //well at least running out of old ones that I still like enough to show

It's been a pretty cool half a month, posting everyday minus 2, bc of Eid, walking down memory lane and shit. It makes me wish I could actually draw everyday, but I just don't have the time or energy for that;; //Yes, even sketchy headshots take time. I'm a really slow, really shitty artist

Meeeeehhh, I'm just going to focus on surviving this school year;;; I wouldn't expect much out of me in the future;; //I'm still drawing, for sure, but nothing submission-worthy, unfortunately;;

For now though, I've still got a few old drawings waiting in queue, and I'll probably be posting one every 2 or 3 days //Hope I've saved the best for last? //Probably not //Sorry in adva nce
Hakeema by mshaly
Hakeema's a demon that wears hijab bc irony //I'd have way more charas w/ hijabs if I actually knew how to draw the m

This one's waayyy over a year old, but w/e //it's one of the few times I actually draw a body, so i still kinda like it

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