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United Arab Emirates
Ayyy, welcome to my DA page//

Name's Mshaly and I hate writing these bio thingies.

I was super active like 3 years ago, and I've been gone for most of 2014-2015 ((I blame highschool)), but hey, I'm trying to be active again!

I'm an okay-ish artist, but my drawing pace is super slow. So, it's not all that surprising that there's not much in my gallery compared to other people;;

:bulletblue: I accept requests, but only of sketchy headshots //Anything more than that, and I can't guarantee that I'll be able to do it;; At least not in a reasonable amount of time

:bulletblue:If you're a friend, I'm more likely to accept any type of request!

===Other places you can find me===

:bulletred: Snapchat: Ask me 'bout it! ((Probs the best way to keep in-touch w/ me, if you want. Also, probs really easy to guess what my username is, but you gtt tell me who you is first or I won't add you;; ))

:bulletred: Tumblr: ((Tumblr blog where I reblog tons of memes and gay dorks, probably.))

:bulletred: Twitter: ((I ramble about shit that no one cares about. Maybe post a sketch every now and then.))

:bulletred: Instagram: ((I'll most likely submit traditional sketches/doodles done in class on there.))


I don't like making journals like these, so I'll probs delete this later;;

I've been feeling kind of stressed out lately. Not because of school work or anything, I've actually had a bit more free time than usual since it's nearing the end of the term //which is stressful in and of itself just thinking about it because of the upcoming exams;; //But honestly, I'd rather stress over exams forever instead of stressing over what happens after high school. I just have a massive headache from over-thinking this, and it's really bumming me out.

I know it's dumb, and I should be excited that this is the last year (JUST 8 MORE MONTHS TO GO) and I'll be going to uni which I always hear is much better. Just a few days ago, I went on a campus tour to my first uni of choice, and I was super hyped about it. But now that the application deadline in creeping in (JAN 1ST //END ME), I feel too overwhelmed to even finish my application. It's a very selective uni, I don't even know why I ever thought I could possibly get accepted. I just feel so incompetent in comparison to all my other classmates and friends, who've accomplished so much more than me, that it just doesn't feel worth the trouble to apply.

Yeah, I KNOW I should just apply and worry about being turned down later, but it's demotivating and I can't get over it and I don't know I just don't want to do it or do anything, I just want to sleep and be useless :iconlazycryplz:

I'm not usually like this. I'm a very confident, optimistic person, and this sort of stuff doesn't usually bother me for long. I'll get out of this funk eventually, I just don't know how or if I can get over this for long enough to finish my goddamn application in time.

I don't know how to talk about this aside from just venting online. I feel too embarrassed to talk about this with anyone, because it's such a dumb thing to be worrying about as much as I am. I don't even know what I'm so stressed out over, none of it is going to matter if I don't do anything. I just feel terrible and I want to get this whole applying to uni thing over with :^))))
The weather has been so nice lately/ It's been a while since I've actually wanted to sit outside

. by mshaly
sloppy sketch with sloppy coloring bc I want to avoid studying but also want to pretend to be productive ¯\_(@ u @)_/¯ //will I ever sketch a happ Riley, we may never know
Chris (Art Trade) by mshaly
Chris (Art Trade)
Woo! Finally got around to doing this! //Haven't done a color palette thing in a long time ;u; so this was fun to do

Chris is owned by :iconrebellic: //Hope you like it!!

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